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Below is just a small taster of what's to come.

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2_1.jpg (54009 bytes) John Hine in XTW goes round the outside of Frank Gardner at Brands Hatch.
2_4.jpg (787722 bytes)
2_10.jpg (2778221 bytes)
2_16.jpg (3168545 bytes)
2.jpg (53294 bytes) Unfortunately by the time I discovered her, she was in a rather sorry state. The last owner was going to turn her into a Stock Car, luckily that never happened but she did sit outside for a few years with the weeds growing up round her which didn't help. But with time, effort and a lot of money we will return her to her former glory.
1.jpg (210041 bytes) Adrian Hamilton of "Duncan Hamilton Racing" very kindly copied some of the relevant pages from his "Race Management Book" for me. They detail each separate race and make very interesting reading, this was one of their best results, a convincing class win at Silverstone in May 69.
2.jpg (201013 bytes) Notice the revs, 8100 on a 4.1 diff. And at the bottom, a common complaint with The Mk1 Escort, poor wipers!
3.jpg (185790 bytes) The Jyllands Ringen Circuit in Denmark must have been a tight and twisty circuit as they are now running a 5.1 diff but still just using 8000 rpm. Unfortunately they have retired with a blown engine.

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