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Also check out the My Blog page on a regular basis as I hope to update it every week or two, because they are not major updates I will rarely list them in the details below.

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5/11/2009 There has been so much work done to my rally car over this past 6 to 9 months that I've had to start a new page, Running Reports No2, one of the first jobs detailed is the fitting of Corsa Power Steering. 
21/5/2009 Another major project has just been started, I'm rebuilding one of my old BDAs to put it in the rally car. More details can be found at Running Reports No1, you need to go about halfway down the page.
17/2/2009 It's taken a while to get this page up, in June 2008 the AVO Club had a visit to David Sutton's Workshop and Museum, the are a load of photos at Historic Motorsport Museum, hopefully I'll get some info added soon.
3/10/2008 It's now almost a year since we bought and started to our latest Mexico restoration project, EIJ5885, I am now adding a timeline to this section and renaming them Year 1 and Year 2, partly just to keep a track of how I am getting on with the project time wise.
7/8/2008 Some time ago I was asked how I tell the difference between Mk1 Escort Front Grilles, well at long last here is some more detailed info, Grilles - Ford or Repro.
11/3/2008 The latest page that I've just started, some photos with info to come real soon is EIJ 5885 which details the rebuild of what I am calling my "New Project Mexico" - this one could take a while to rebuild but in the meantime I hope to keep the updates coming.
20/8/2007 Almost a year after posting my first photos of the event, I have finally got round to adding some more of the photos of AVO Day 2006. The additional photos were supplied by a couple of friends who were also at the event that day.
30/4/2007 The new system of site navigation is finalized, please feel free to drop me an e-mail if you spot any broken links that I have missed. A couple more Havoc Stories have also been added, Article 16 and Article 17.
21/3/2007 Well no updates for well over a year and now two in the space of just over a week. I have added a few new pages. These include XTW 377 F,   FEV 1 H, Contour Seats and A Sad RS1600. These pages are all in the very early stages of development but hopefully there will be more details added in the near future.
13/3/2007 It's a disgrace to have to say that this site has been badly neglected in the past 18 months - it has just been a lack of available time. I hope that will now change, my wife got a state of the art Laptop for Christmas, I have loaded my web pages onto it and will hopefully be able do updates during any spare time I have at work on nightshift - along with my proper work of course. To start with "Work in Progress" has been renamed "My Blog" and has quite a bit of new stuff added.
19/4/2005 I have started a new page titled "Work in Progress" but that name may change if I think of a better one. I hope to keep this page updated on a very regular basis with details about what I am doing. Because the updates wont be major ones, I'll not list them here, but there is now a link at the top of this page which you should check each time you come here.
14/4/2005 Some time ago I started a section called The Technical Stuff, at that time I intended to do some detailed info about Mexico/Twincam antiroll bars and their mounting brackets. Its only been in the last few days that I've actually got round to doing anything about it. there will be more details etc to follow.
10/2/2005 Some more rare stuff has been added to the Stuff for Sale page.
28/1/2005 I have added some rally photos which were sent to me a few years ago, they are in the Other Cars section, I hope you enjoy them.
18/1/2005 2004 was a very poor year as far as "updates" was concerned - I intend to rectify that situation in 2005. I have added a new page following on from "The Rebuild Part 3" and it details some of the work I have needed to do to my Mexico Rallycar to keep her running, it is titled Running Reports No1.
28/12/2004 I am continuing to write a series of articles for the AVO Owners Club Magazine - HAVOC. These articles detail the rebuild of my Mexico Rallycar - read the next three articles here Havoc Stories.
28/10/2004 At long last I have finally got around to adding a Stuff for Sale page, as the title infers it is a page full of items which I have finally decided are surplus to my requirements, if all goes according to plan there should be regular updates to this page so check back regularly.
26/06/2004 Recently I have started to write a series of articles for the AVO Owners Club Magazine - HAVOC. These articles detail the rebuild of my Mexico Rallycar - read the first two here Havoc Stories.
28/01/2004 After not having done an update for many months I have finally added about another dozen pictures to The Rebuild Part 3, the story is almost up to date. Check back soon for the final installment.
5/09/2003 Some more info has been added to AVO Day 2003, There is just the full list of prizewinners to come once I get it.
20/08/2003 As promised there has been more info added to AVO Day 2003, I hope you enjoy it.
29/07/2003 Here are some of my photos from AVO Day 2003, there is more info to come and I shall get it posted in the next couple of weeks.
11/04/2003 Once again I have added a few more photos and a little info to The Rebuild Part 3. there is still a lot to do and its only 2 months until AVO Day.
30/03/2003 A few more photos and a little info has been added to The Rebuild Part 3.
14/03/2003 I have added some details about how I made the locking mechanism for my "Spit". Check out the latest info.
16/11/2002 I have added a couple of new pages, firstly The Rebuild Part 3 details the putting back together of my Rallycar. I have also added some photos taken at AVO Day 2002, there are more to follow.
25/09/2002 I have been painting the shell of my Mexico and I've added another 8 photos and some info to The Rebuild - Part 2.
14/07/2002 While I was over at AVO Day in June a number of people asked how I made "The Spit". A few months ago I started to do a page with step by step details. It's not quite finished yet but go to The Technical Stuff and follow the link from there, feel free to ask any questions.
22/05/2002 At long last I have started to paint the repaired shell of my Rally Mexico, check out the latest photos & info at The Rebuild - Part 2.
06/01/2002 During the past few weeks I have been doing some work to the area below the petrol tank of my Rally Mexico, check out the photos & info at The Rebuild - Part 2.
20/11/2001 As promised last week, I have added a bunch of new photos and info on the continuing rebuild of my Rally Mexico, The Rebuild - Part 2.
08/11/2001 When I put on my first batch of photos from AVO Day 2001 I said the rest would be on the site in a few weeks, well they are here at last, it has taken months but I hope the wait was worth it. I have also included a list of prize winners.
14/08/2001 At long last I have got some of my photos from AVO Day 2001 onto the site. This is only about half of them, there are more to follow in the next few weeks.
12/05/2001 If you have been following the rebuild of my Rally Mexico you will be glad to see I've added lots more details. So much in fact that I've started a 2nd rebuild page with the really original title of The Rebuild - Part 2
16/02/2001 I have now set up a new "Guestbook" dedicated to this site, check out the link at the bottom of Dad's Stuff, please feel free to sign it and add any comments.
15/02/2001 Now that I have lots more space I have added more Navigators bits and some Drivers playthings to the Interior Equipment page of the "Bits and Pieces" section.
13/02/2001 Due to running out of space at my old server I have now moved all of "Dads Stuff" to this new site, the rest of the family stuff is still at
10/02/2001 I have started a new section called "Bits and Pieces" and the first page is titled Interior Equipment and describes some off those hard to get parts and accessories. More pages will follow detailing all sorts of other interesting things.
27/11/2000 Another new page added to the "Escorts" section, this page is titled REV 119 K - Part 2 and it contains some more recent photos of REV including some action shots.
10/08/2000 Another new page added to the "Escorts" section, this page titled AVO Day 2000 contains some of the photos that I took while over at the AVO Club's National Day at the end of June.
01/06/2000 A new page added to the "Escorts" section, this page contains more photos and details of the ex-works car REV 119 K
24/05/2000 Another photo of Rebecca added to The Rebuild
27/04/2000 Seven new photos and more info added to The Rebuild

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