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I have been involved in motorsport etc from the late 1970's and in that time I have made many modifications and parts etc for my cars. These cars have been mainly Mk1 Escorts of one type or another and in the following pages I hope to be able to pass on as much of that info as I can. Click on any of the links below to get more info on that particular subject.


The Spit

spit_2.jpg (51933 bytes) If you have been following "The Rebuild - Part 2" of my Mk1 Mexico Rallycar, you will know that I made myself a frame or "Spit" to mount the shell on. When bolted to this spit the shell can be turned onto it's side or upside down to make the work a lot easier. Click on the link above for more detailed info and photos on how I made this spit.

Mexico ARB Bracket

arb.jpg (42465 bytes) Details of the differences between a standard and a Mexico Anti-rollbar Bracket, and how to make a Mexico one will follow soon. Click on the link above for more details.

Ford Escort Rally Preparation Book

  Details of all the rally modifications that were done to the Ford Escort Mk1 and Mk2 Works Rally Cars at Boreham.

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