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Some of the items shown on this page are parts that I have got reproduced over the years, others are ones that I've collected over many years of Escort ownership. I have finally decided to try and re-organize all the stuff I have and decide which parts I am really going to use in the foreseeable future, and which ones are probably never going to be used by me and could therefore be past on to other Escort fanatics to help keep their cars going. More recently I have had some rare and hard to get Mk1 Escort parts remanufactured as well as stocking some parts from other suppliers, see below for details


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This remanufactured centre cap is to suit the semi dished 3 and 4 spoke RS Motorport steering wheel that was fitted as an option to various Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts and was also fitted as standard to some Mk3 and Mk4 Escorts. It is made in rubber as per the originals. Price 45.00


This remanufactured centre cap is to suit the flat 3 spoke RS steering wheel as fitted to the Mk2 RS2000 and Mexico etc, it will also suit the Mk1 Escort flat 3 spoke wheel. It is made in rubber as per the originals. Price 45.00


This remanufactured centre cap is to suit the flat 3 spoke RS steering wheel as fitted to many Mk1 RS2000s etc as well as the Mk2 RS2000. It is made in rubber as per the originals and includes the alloy  decal/badge. Price 62.50


Remanufactured centre caps for Mk1 Escort 5 1/2" Alloys complete with RS decals. These have been done in a dark grey plastic to closely match the colour of the spokes in original alloys. These will also be available shortly in light grey.  Price 62.50 per set of 4.


Remade radiator decals for the RS1600. Price 3.75 each.


Remanufactured wet sump style BDA Cambox Lids or Cam Covers, my old slightly tatty original is also shown in a couple of photos for comparison purposes. These covers will suit any BDA but are mainly aimed at restored road going RS1600s etc. I also have in stock a couple of Mk2 RS1800 style ones which have the breather tube at the opposite side above the exhaust manifold. Priced at 350 each.


Remanufactured door A-post Blanking Plugs as fitted to the square holes in the A-post of a Mk1 Ford Escort - yes it is a square hole but Ford fitted a round blanking plug and these are a faithful copy of the original.  At first glance these may just look like a grommet with a hole but closer inspection will show that they are actually a blanking plug to stop water etc getting in. These will suit the Mk1 Ford Escort range of cars, namely Twin Cams, the RS1600, Mexico, RS2000, Sport, 1300GT and even all the 1100 range etc. These are often cracked and split or just simply missing so why not get some replacements while they are available. Price 16 a pair.


These are reproduced Rubber Boots as fitted to the number plate light situated in behind the bumper of a Mk1 Ford Escort and these are a copy of the original.  Price 14.25 each.


Remade Lucas 6RA Fused Relay. We take secondhand used original non-fused Lucas relays and convert them by fitting a modern electronic switching device as well as converting them for fused operation and we also supply a remade rubber fuse cover. We can supply these in a number of different specifications, some we just clean up and convert and leave with a slight patina of age (the ones in the photos are just cleaned up) we have also sent off some cans/cases to get replated and these should come up like brand new for those who prefer that look. We also have some new unbranded ones for those who just want a cheaper relay. Prices range from 90 to 100 each depending on exactly what you want.


Remade Bonnet Wing Rail Rubbers - many of the remade rubbers that you find for sale are much too hard and make the bonnet sit higher than it should. These are especially made to be the same Shore Hardness as the originals and therefore the bonnet will sit at the correct height. Price 15 per set of 4.


Rear Quarter Blanking Plug. These are a bit like the door panel blanking plug in that they look more like a grommet but look closer and you will see that they are actually a blanking plug to stop water etc getting into the corners of the boot. Price 18.50 a pair.



140MPH/8000RPM Decals. You are buying a pair of decals to refurbish your old 6 Clock Dash. If your dash clocks are badly faded or damaged these will help you in the restoration of dashes from Twin Cam Escorts and some RS1600s and Mexicos.  Price 35.00 a pair.


We also have the LHD 220 KPH version available as well. They are also priced at 35.00 a pair.


Remade Bonnet Cable Grommet. These fit in the scuttle/bulkhead panel beside the bonnet hinge and the bonnet opening cable goes through them. Suit a Mk1 or Mk2 Escort. Price 9.50 each.


Here we have a reproduction Accelerator Pad to suit the full range of Mk1 Escort cars. Price 16.00 each.
Repro Brake Shoe Hold Down kit for the Twin Cam, RS1600 and most Mexicos etc that are fitted with the 9 inch Girling brakes. Price 10.00 a set.
Genuine Original Brake Shoe Hold Down kit for the Twin Cam, RS1600 and most Mexicos etc that are fitted with the 9 inch Girling brakes, just a few sets left. Price 21.00 a set.
Repro Indicator Cancelling Cam for the Mk1 Escort - this will suit all models in the Mk1 Escort range of cars. Price 15.00 each.
Repro 2000E Gearknob for the Mk1 Escort - this has a 7/16 UNF thread to suit the original Escort 2000E gearstick but other thread can be cut if required. Price 42.50 each.
fusebox_1893.jpg (82697 bytes) fusebox_1897.jpg (83590 bytes) The proper Lucas works fusebox, they take 4 fuses and have provision to hold 2 spares - early Twin Cams were fitted with one of these while later works RS1600's had two of them in the centre console. These are the period 70's ones with the proper Lucas logo, there is a cheaper and slightly more recent version available - see below. This is one for the real anoraks, unfortunately the rarity is reflected in the current price. Price 35.00 each. I also have some fuses available.
The cheaper 1980's version of the Lucas works fusebox, it is the same as the item above expect for one very minor detail, the cover has the 1980s Lucas logo, in truth these will suit most people . Price 12.50 each
A clutch fork "D" piece for many period Ford cars fitted with the 2000E gearbox and hydraulic bellhousing. Price 15.75 each
A clutch fork return spring for many period Ford cars fitted with the 2000E gearbox and hydraulic bellhousing. Price 9.75 each
A set of clutch fork and thrust bearing retaining springs for many period Ford cars fitted with the 2000E gearbox and hydraulic bellhousing. Price 17.50 a set - note these can be bought individually
Slave cylinder retaining circlip for many cars fitted with the 2000E gearbox and hydraulic bellhousing. Price 1.75 each.
Out of stock. Repro reversing light switch for the 2000E style gearbox. Price 37.50 each.
Repro headlight loom grommets, these fit both the headlight bowl and the inner wing where the loom goes through. Price 17.50 a pair or 31.00 for a set of 4.
Repro fuel tank grommet for the Mk1 Escort, this goes in the bootfloor under the fuel tank to seal up that rather large hole that the pipe goes out through. Price 32.50 each.
Repro brake and clutch pedal rubbers for the Mk1 Escort - early style. Price 15.50 a pair.
Repro bootlid blanking plugs for the Mk1 Escort. Price 15.50 per set of 4.
Repro brake and clutch pedal rubbers for the Mk1 Escort - later style. Price 14.50 a pair.


Roller Top Caps. These fit to both the original Roller Top Mounts and most of the modern copies. Price 26.50 a pair.
Repro front indicator boots for the Mk1 Escort. Price 25.50 a pair. Update :- I now do these to suit the sidelight - indicator units on some Mk1 Cortinas, they are the same boot except the Cortina version has two holes for the two wires.
Fuse covers for the fused 6RA Lucas relay as fitted to the AVO range of cars and also the 1300E.  Price 12.00 each.
bonnetstops_mk1.jpg (75429 bytes) These are new repro Bonnet Stop rubbers for all early Mk1 Escorts be they Twin Cam, RS1600, Mexico or even the other cars in the Escort range. These are the correct recessed type for all Mk1s up until mid 73, later cars had simple domed type, see below. Price 8.00 per pair.
bonnetstops_late_mk1.jpg (105314 bytes) New repro Bonnet Stop rubbers for all late Mk1 Escorts. These are the correct smooth domed type for all Mk1s from mid 73 on. Price Out of stock.
bonnetstops_mk2.jpg (112867 bytes) New repro Bonnet Stop rubbers for the  Mk2 Escort range. Price 6.50 per pair.
bumpers.jpg (120908 bytes) Also just in are these highly polished new repro Stainless Steel Quarter Bumpers for the Mk1 Escort, Price 175.00 per pair.
rear_bumper_2012 147.jpg (54770 bytes) Also available are both types of rear bumper for the Mk1 Escort (cutout and non-cutout type) in the same highly polished Stainless Steel price 290.00
bumper_set_2012 256.jpg (74349 bytes) Or buy a full set of Mk1 Escort Stainless Bumpers for 425.00


post_light_2012 433.jpg (114153 bytes) 11.jpg (54064 bytes) No self respecting ex-works Escort or even replica works cars is complete without a set of pea-lights to give illumination to the various bits of instrumentation. The picture on the right shows a works car with pea-lights fitted around the clocks. The lights for sale are complete with bulbs and wiring but don't have a red lens but some bright red nail polish would soon sort that, are brand new and priced at 44.50.


p_light_2011_1134.JPG (73609 bytes) p_light_2011_1133.JPG (128738 bytes) Genuine "New Old Stock" P-lights, these are period 1970s ex MoD in their original packaging, also sometimes known as pea lights or even post lights. These are a slightly different style of lights from those show above, they have a small wire clip to hold the cap and bulb in place and these include a red lens. Price 47.50
p_light_2011_1135.JPG (68434 bytes)


halda_2011_1131.JPG (93102 bytes) halda_2011_1132.JPG (79000 bytes) Here we have an early alloy type Halda Tripmaster or single trip as it is sometimes called, it was completely rebuilt about 5 years ago and is still in perfect working condition. Price 650.00 OVNO.



cb45_1.jpg (128262 bytes) cb45_3.jpg (35685 bytes) The Cibie Type 45 Iode was used on the later works Mk1's as a reversing light, this was mainly because of its very slimsize. This one is secondhand but the lens is in immaculate condition with only some slight scuffing on the chrome at the rear of the shell. Price 75
cb45_2.jpg (100663 bytes)


cibie_cover_2011_1139.JPG (111635 bytes) cibie_cover_2011_1140.JPG (74040 bytes) This is a reproduction of the early Metal Cibie Cover for the Oscar spotlights, these are exact copies of the original and include the rubber strap with the Cibie logo etc. Price Out of Stock.


cibie_chipper_2012 142.jpg (168993 bytes) This is a reproduction of the early Metal Cibie Potato Chipper Cover for the Cibie Oscar spotlights, these are exact copies of the original and include the rubber strap with the Cibie logo etc. Price 60.00 Pair.
trico_2012 461.jpg (88180 bytes) The Trico Crystal Switch was used in the Works Cars as a reversing light switch, the handle lights up when switched on. This switch is in very good working condition complete with knurled fixing nut etc. Price 55 I also have a brand new boxed one at 85



caliper_seals.jpg (100779 bytes) Genuine original Lucas/Girling SP2589 caliper repair kits for the Type 16 and the M16 Type calipers as fitted to later Mexico's, RS16's etc  Price 23.99  I also have the modern TRW kits available - they are the company who "bought over" Lucas, their kits are priced at 19.50



sp2501_2012 304.jpg (109442 bytes) Genuine original Lucas/ Girling SP2501 caliper repair kits for the early type 16P calipers as fitted to early Twin Cams, Mexico's, RS16's etc  Price 23.99



wks_cal_1.jpg (68096 bytes) wks_cal_2.jpg (55537 bytes) Sold - Early works rear brake calipers as fitted to many works cars including the World Cup cars etc. These include the mechanical handbrake mechanism which hangs below the caliper itself. These were in good working order when removed from a car 18 ,months ago - but as with all second hand brake components would need to be dismantled and checked out. The 2 lower pictures show this type of caliper fitted to REV119K. Price Sold.
wks_cal_3.jpg (61209 bytes) wks_cal_4.jpg (84389 bytes)
24.jpg (51318 bytes) 25.jpg (44178 bytes)



wks_seal.jpg (76690 bytes) Genuine Girling Calipers kit for the above works rear calipers, kit does a pair of calipers. Price 21.50



mk2b.jpg (66632 bytes) Genuine Girling Mk2B servo repair kit, suits later Mexico's and RS16's. Price 165



water_pump1.jpg (43803 bytes) water_pump2.jpg (90470 bytes) Genuine Ford/Motorcraft water pump for x-flow engine. For a high performance engine the proper Ford water pump with a cast impeller gives much better flow characteristics than the pressed impeller of the usual after market style pump. Price Out of stock.



Prep_1.jpg (63702 bytes) Genuine Ford Escort Rally Preparation Book - this book covers all aspects of preparing a Mk1 or Mk2 Escort for rallying. This book is in mint unmarked condition apart from the Yukspeed sticker on the front cover. Over 150 pages and 13 chapters including :-
Prep_2.jpg (46413 bytes) Prep_3.jpg (39010 bytes) Bodyshell, Safety, Suspension, Rear Axle, Gearbox, Steering, Brakes, Electrics, Group 1, etc.

Price - Sold



plus.jpg (123872 bytes) SOLD This book, published in 1967 and titled "The Ford Book of Plus Performance", was, I believe the first in a long line of Rallye Sport parts books. Apart from a few minor marks and scuffs etc on the front cover this book is in perfect condition. 



plus_2.jpg (32990 bytes) plus_3.jpg (28314 bytes) Here is a 1971 version of the Ford Rallye Sport Parts book, sub-titled "Book of Performance Parts and Accessories". Price 75
plus_4.jpg (52674 bytes) plus_1.jpg (34676 bytes)



jim_gavin.jpg (209638 bytes) The highly respected driver and author Jim Gavin wrote this book in the early 70's detailing many of the modifications you needed to make to an Escort for rallying. It also gives details of many of the Rallye Sport part numbers etc. The cover has a bit of a knock but it is in good condition otherwise. Price 47.50.



Jose_R.jpg (137780 bytes) A book entitled "The car that won't stop winning", I believe this book was produced by Ford for internal distribution only and was not for public sale. There are some loose pages in this example but there are none missing. Price 40.



roger_clark.jpg (180632 bytes) An original 1976 edition of the Roger Clark/Graham Robson book "Sideways to Victory". This is essential reading for any Escort fanatic, the dust jacket it slightly marked but it is in very good condition other wise. Price 52.50.



RS16_Manual_1.JPG (126485 bytes) This is the genuine Ford Supplementary Workshop manual for the RS1600. This is a well used example of this particular  book, but it is full of lots of useful info on these rare cars. Price 145
RS16_Manual_2.JPG (101033 bytes) RS16_Manual_3.JPG (108641 bytes)



jack_1.jpg (70435 bytes) jack_4.jpg (85787 bytes) Here we have the famous Bilstein Quick Lift Jack as used by the Works Ford Team on both Mk1 and Mk2 Escort rally cars. This one is the early version of this jack which drops the car in one fluid motion, as opposed to the slightly different later version which lowers the car slowly. The final picture is taken from one of the Ford Prep' books and shows how Boreham modified the jack for rally use, more details and photos on request. This one is the instant drop type favored by Boreham and is complete with the handle which is often missing! Price 972.50. I also have the later type one which is of the climb up and climb back down type - Price 52.50.
jack_3.jpg (79233 bytes) jack_5.jpg (193384 bytes)



ford_sport_covers.jpg (69763 bytes) SOLD  What can I say about these, the picture speaks for itself, when was the last time you saw a pair of these for sale. A pair of genuine period Ford Sport covers for Cibie Oscar Spotlights. The rarity is reflected in the price - SOLD.



bda_lid.jpg (52034 bytes) bda_lid_1.jpg (52130 bytes) SOLD Here we have a brand new genuine Ford BD Series Cam Box lid. It does need a good clean but would be perfect for that show car.
bda_lid_2.jpg (88757 bytes) From the letters cast on the inside it would appear to be for a BDG but I can see no discernable difference from the one on my RS1600 BDA engine.



bda_lid_3.jpg (60073 bytes) bda_lid_4.jpg (57361 bytes) SOLD  Here we have an old but unused repro BDA Cam Box lid. It does need a clean up and repaint - because of the quality this one is really only suitable for a rally car or maybe a road car. 



dash_1.jpg (36978 bytes) dash_2.jpg (82906 bytes) SOLD  For the real works effect you can use this New Old Stock period Twin Cowl dash top by Autoplas.
dash_3.jpg (47861 bytes)
avo_console_1.jpg (92539 bytes) avo_console_2.jpg (55325 bytes) SOLD Fibreglass replica of the original AVO/Works rally car centre console, these ones do not have a map pocket.
princess_1.jpg (81626 bytes) SOLD  A pair of Princess 4 pot calipers, a little rusty but no leaks etc when removed from a scrapped Princess just over a year ago. ideal upgrade for a Mk1 or Mk2 Escort. I also have a pair of new seal kits and a spacer kit available for these at extra cost - SOLD.



dash_lights.jpg (67633 bytes) Dash warning lights for your works replica dash, these are the closest we have found to the original items. Price 7 each or 25 for a set of 4.



water_outlet.jpg (50294 bytes) Water inlet/outlet adaptor for the water pump or inlet manifold. Price Sold Out.



rad_panel.jpg (84313 bytes) Repro under rad crossmember panel - Price 32.50.



mk2a_1.jpg (94472 bytes) mk2a_2.jpg (97027 bytes) Servo repair kit for the early Girling Mk2a servo as fitted to Twin Cams, RS1600's and early Mexico's. Price 55.



Check back soon for more details.

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