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A Very Sad Looking RS1600

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full_front.jpg (124677 bytes) As you can see this really is a rather sad car, I reckon that everyone involved with Mk1's in Northern Ireland has either seen this car or certainly knows of it.
front.jpg (131148 bytes) To the best of my knowledge it has sat in this same spot for nearly 20 years and is slowly rotting away. From memory it is either a March or April 70 car, it's certainly a very early one and is quite possibly one of those that Ford converted from Twin Cams.
side.jpg (82935 bytes) Unfortunately the man who owned the car died many years ago and the family will just not sell it. Many many people have tried to buy it over the years, all to no avail.
othr_side.jpg (95764 bytes) At the current time the original shell is still just about restorable but it wont sit out like this for many more years before it is just too far gone.
engine.jpg (95688 bytes) Just look in here and no the bonnet wouldn't lift any further, cambelt cover, airbox etc all still in place, it's a real time warp machine. I know many people who would just love the chance to restore it to its former glory.
interior.jpg (125748 bytes) Notice that the interior is a mixture of early style parts, switches and heater vents while many other parts of the car a later parts. I have seen a couple of cars like this from early 1970 which have both early and late parts. I don't think that grass should be growing there.
Here is a much more recent photo - she is getting a little worse but still not as bad as you'd expect for a car that's been sitting in the same spot for almost 35 years.
And finally - at the moment anyway a period photo of the original owner out rallying the car, possibly in late 1970 or so.

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