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REV 119 K - Part 2

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3.jpg (73350 bytes) Owner Dave Watkins turned up at AVO National Day 2000 with REV covered in muck just as she had finished doing Course Car on a stage rally the previous day.
7.jpg (52330 bytes) Needless to say she really looked the part, a proper rally car still being used as she was intended rather than a show car wrapped in cotton wool.
8.jpg (39232 bytes) Headlamp protectors had been fitted over the Cibie Bi-odes since the last time I had seen the car and as you can see here they really are needed.
1.jpg (57397 bytes) Also fitted was a modern rev limiter to protect a rather valuable engine, set as you can see to 8800 rpm. Though even these don't help when a cam belt snaps as happened to Dave on a recent stage event.
9.jpg (63126 bytes) The two jacking points to be used with a modified Bilstein Quicklift Jack are seen hanging below the sill. I'm not sure why there is one in the middle of the door, around where the standard one would be and then another just behind the door. In my car I have them as near as possible to each wheel. 
5.jpg (50282 bytes) Someone once remarked that it was a shame to take a good badge and drill a couple of holes in it but if you don't rivet them on you'll lose them against a branch of a tree or against a bank.
4.jpg (53166 bytes) The same goes for the RS round badge on the boot lid. There is a neat little strengthening piece around the clip for the boot strap, it shows up better in the next photo.
6.jpg (42328 bytes) Here you can see that strengthening piece much more clearly, barely visible below the tail light is the little recess that one of the electrical cut offs sits in.
10.jpg (49204 bytes) This car has twin fuel fillers and you can see where they go down through the parcel shelf into the single large tank mounted in the boot.
2.jpg (41670 bytes) Dave has changed his rear brakes from the discs previously fitted to standard Atlas drums. I presume he must have found the rears locking up too much.

The following pictures were all supplied by Paul Cooper, You can see his Mexico at AVO Day 2000.

12.jpg (52001 bytes) Dave with REV on the Grizadale Stages in 1998.
11.jpg (71218 bytes) And this time on the Robin Hood Stages in 1999.
13.jpg (49501 bytes) Here he powers his way round the stage at the Top Gear Live Show at Silverstone. This is part of the old runway infield section in the centre of the race track.
16.jpg (52594 bytes) Hannu Mikkola gets reacquainted with REV at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The car certainly appears to bring back fond memories for him.
14.jpg (62348 bytes) Hannu reminisces with Dave about using REV to win the Scottish Rally in 1972. Doubtlessly he has a few good stories to tell about that event.
15.jpg (65007 bytes) Here Hannu sits ready to blast off from the start of the rally stage at Goodwood.

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