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rally_cortina_1.jpg (60730 bytes) A nice picture of a rally Lotus Cortina.
rally_cortina_eng.jpg (80545 bytes) The tidy engine bay of that Lotus Cortina rally car.
mex_eng.jpg (63578 bytes) A Mexico engine bay.
16bda_reg.jpg (47392 bytes) This would make a nice registration number for a Mk1 RS1600.
turbo_reg.jpg (41769 bytes) The registration on this Turbo Lotus was TIJ 1280, but from a distance it just looked like the word TURBO. OK so you need to screw your eyes up a little.
beer_tent.jpg (61398 bytes) This photo was taken at AVO National Day, well really it was the night before, or the morning after, it's hard to remember. Those who've been to AVO Day may recognize "The Spares Tent" but Beer Tent might have been a better name.

Look in again, there's more to come.

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