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Racing Photos Click on any of the links on the left to check out the photos and detailed info on some of the  Mk1 Escorts and other cars that I have owned over the past years since I started driving on the road in 1975. I should point out that I still own every Mk1 Escort that I have ever bought, that's about a dozen or more, I have dismantled one or two but never sold one. Please note that some of these links will only go "live" once some photos and details have been added. The latest link to go live is EIJ 5885, which details my newest project.
Big Bangs
JIJ9975 Rebuild Pt1
JIJ9975 Rebuild Pt2
JIJ9975 Rebuild Pt3
JIJ Running Reports No1
JIJ Running Reports No2
JIJ Running Reports No3
FIA 6386
XTW 377 F
FMX 800 J
EIJ 5885
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