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Jukka Altonen's Rally Car.

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etuviisto.jpg (58841 bytes) A few years ago, shortly after I started this website I got an email from Jukka Altonen from Helsinki. He asked some questions concerning the rear disc brake setup that the Works cars used back in the early seventies, he was able to make good use of the info I gave him. Sometime later he sent me these photos of his car.
takaviisto2.jpg (40617 bytes)
I’m not really sure of the spec of the car but I shall contact him again and get some more info and maybe a few more photos.
Left_dash.jpg (35476 bytes) These first three show the nearly built car being finished off.
pIisalmi.jpg (40711 bytes) Now this looks like it could be fun, look at the height of that snow bank.
pLahti 2.jpg (88237 bytes) Over in Ireland we have a saying, “Keep ‘er lit” and that is exactly what Jukka appears to be doing. They say if you don’t have the odd “off”, then you are not trying hard enough. Jukka is definitely trying!
pLahti 3.jpg (84589 bytes) He must have regained the road as I believe this is later on in the same event. Look at those fantastic gravel roads, I wish we had ones as smooth as that.
porimattila2.jpg (66737 bytes) Not just as much snow on this event, but there is plenty of sideways action. Looking at the racks in the snow Jukka appears to be getting more sideways than any of the cars before him.
pSprint.jpg (70707 bytes) This appears to be what we would term a Rallysprint as there is only Jukka himself in the car and no navigator. Is that an Anglia in the background, I wonder if it’s a competing car or just belongs to a marshal or spectator.
pSavitaipale1.jpg (66748 bytes) And finally another snowy night time event.

Look in again, there's more to come.

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