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Grilles - Genuine Ford or Repro.

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Someone asked the question on the AVO Message Board about how to tell the difference between Genuine Ford and Repro grilles for a Mk1 Escort. Here are a few pointers and photos which I have always used and which I hope will help others tell the difference. One of the first things should always be what type of packaging is it contained in. Genuine Ford ones originally came in a cardboard box whereas all the Repro ones I've ever seen always came in a plastic bag.


Now click on any of the images below for a larger photo.


011.jpg (162558 bytes) First we will start off by looking at the main outside surround bit of the Grille, you will notice here that the genuine one is make up of a series of flat areas.
014.jpg (77473 bytes) Once again the genuine item, will this photo is a little out of focus the flat areas round the outside are clearly visible.
026.jpg (109216 bytes) Now moving to the repro you will see that the same area of this one is actually a continuous curve with no sign of the flat areas seen in the genuine item
016.jpg (114980 bytes) Next look at the area where the centre bars run out towards the headlight. On this genuine one there is very good definition with nice neat well formed pressings. Please excuse the fact that this is a rather manky old grille just kept for a rally car.
025.jpg (90275 bytes) Notice how the pressings on this repro are not nearly as distinct or as clearly defined - rather fuzzy infact.
029.jpg (94162 bytes) Now for the back of the grille, this genuine item is very well formed even on the back with everything nice and smooth and clean cut.
034.jpg (98221 bytes) The repro is completely the opposite, sharp edges, splits and jagged bits abound. It's not nearly as well or as cleanly pressed.


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