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The story of FEV 1 H

Hannu Mikkola's famous London to Mexico World Cup winning Mk1 Escort 1850 GT.

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Here are just a few photos and details, there will be more to come in the next few months, click on any of these images for a larger photo.


fev_1322.jpg (109137 bytes) FEV is a regular visitor to AVO National Day at Stanford Hall, this is the early morning of June 2005 and she has just been unloaded from her transporter.
exhaust_1317.jpg (91100 bytes) Interesting to note that Boreham must have had trouble keeping the exhaust manifold connected to the head, note 4 bolts on the centre pipe rather than the normal 2. I wonder was this something that showed up on pre event testing, or only on the event itself.
oil_filter_1310.jpg (61100 bytes) At this time works cars used a Tecalemit remote oil filter head with a take-off for an oil pressure gauge as standard. Interestingly later works cars used an AP Purolator head, these had no take-off and Cosworth came up with the modification of welding a bit on to resemble the earlier Tecalemit type. I wonder why they changed. 
onsole_1287.jpg (85824 bytes) The centre console with an extra clock for water temperature, usually we just see an amp meter. Also a nice array of switches within easy reach of both diver and navigator.
heuers_1302.jpg (68662 bytes) The Heuer clocks are long gone from the Navigators side of the dash, there was nothing fancy here, just a bit of shaped alloy pop riveted onto the original dash and a couple of p-lights to illuminate the Heuers.
tank_1298.jpg (83107 bytes) The standard style jack in the boot really surprised me, I had expected to see the ubiquitous Bilstein Quicklift Jack.
sump_tank_1291.jpg (76750 bytes) The dry sump tank is small but definitely a work of art. Normally they are further out in the boot with the filler cap on the top. I presume this one is this shape because there is so little spare room in the World Cup cars with three petrol tanks and all the other stuff in the boot.

There will be more photos and details to come soon.

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