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twin_cam.jpg (82236 bytes) A Twin Cam in the wild, it's natural habitat.
fev1h_1.jpg (72868 bytes) Hannu Mikkola and Gunner Palm on their way to a famous victory in the 1970 London to Mexico World Cup Rally driving their 1850GT Escort FEV 1 H.
fev1h_3.jpg (61205 bytes) Gunner Palm gets their time card signed at a control on the way to Mexico City.
fev1h_2.jpg (73243 bytes) That self same car 27 years later at the Ford AVO Clubs 1997 National Day at Stanford Hall.
fev1h_4.jpg (61736 bytes) Another photo of the same car, same venue.
ftw47h.jpg (44483 bytes) One that didn't make it to Mexico in 1970. FTW 47 H driven by Colin Malkin and Richard Hudson-Evans lies wrecked at the side of a Yugoslavian Autoput, the car was doing over 90Mph at night when a large truck pulled out on a line of oncoming traffic. No amount of feverish work by the Ford mechanics could make it a goer.
yumping.jpg (30925 bytes) A photo of one of the World Cup cars yumping, just because I like it.
fva.jpg (100763 bytes) So that's what an FVA Engine, the forerunner of the BDA, looks like stuffed into an Alan Mann Gp5 Racer, in this case an Escort XOO 349 F.
xoo349f_1.jpg (83337 bytes) Here's the car herself sitting quietly in the workshops sometime in late 1969..
xoo349f_2.jpg (67831 bytes) Here's the rebuilt car out testing many years later.
xoo349f_3.jpg (72037 bytes) That self same car at AVO National Day with a Boreham built Twin Cam engine fitted.
 bda.jpg (26972 bytes)  Speaking of BDA's can I have one just like this. Please Mr Ford....OK..Please Santa Please?
t_c_engine.jpg (47859 bytes) Here's a Twin Cam undergoing testing to 8500 Rpm on the test bed at Boreham. Yes the exhaust is glowing cherry red. Could this be the engine for the car below.
 xoo262f_1.jpg (52232 bytes)  Roger Clark and Jim Porter take the Twin Cam to it's first International Rally win on the 1968 Circuit of Ireland Rally. To those of us watching the Twin Cam sounded fantastic, even the name Twin Cam, but it was depressing for us to see this "foreigner" beat our Paddy Hopkirk in his Cooper S. My ideas have changed a little since then!
 xoo262f_2.jpg (74292 bytes)  Here is that same car with it's modern day equivalent at the AVO Club's National Day in 1998.
nice_three.jpg (52468 bytes) Three of the above cars make a nice line-up at the AVO Club's National Day.
1300gt_car.jpg (79791 bytes) Here's another race car of the same era. One of the Ralph Broad (Broadspeed) fuel injected 1300GT's. Ever wonder about those injection trumpets on that side of the engine and how come they pointed up.
1300gt_head.jpg (59059 bytes) Well here's how it was done, Broadspeed took a pre-crossflow head, welded up the original inlet ports and then machined new ones at a much steeper angle for better gas flow. 
pvx398k.jpg (50595 bytes) In 1971 Timo Makinen and Henry Liddon took their RS1600, PVX 398 K to fifth overall on a very snowy RAC Rally.
pvx400k_1.jpg (57272 bytes) Roger Clark, in that same event, could only manage eleventh overall in the sister car, PVX 400 K, seen here at AVO National Day.
pvx400k_2.jpg (48367 bytes) Here it is Ice Racing in 72, driven by Timo Makinen.
lvx942j_2.jpg (61912 bytes) Roger Clark and Tony Mason reunited with their RS1600, LVX 942 J, the car in which they won the 1972 RAC Rally. Also included is the current owner Tony Yendall.
lvx942j.jpg (36353 bytes) Roger gives it some stick once again. This was a well used car which had started life in 1971 as a Safari Twin Cam before Roger used it in the 72 and 73 RAC Championships.
lvx942j_3.jpg (39314 bytes) The Belfast Ford dealer, R.E.Hamiltons then bought it and Adrian Boyd drove it in the 1974 Championship.
rev119k_1.jpg (70299 bytes) Another well known car from 1972, REV 119 K, this one was first used by Jean-Francois Piot and Jean Todt on the 1972 Monte.
rev119k_2.jpg (65691 bytes) Just a look to see what's in the boot of a Full Works Car.
 escort_babes.jpg (54122 bytes) Here's one of the best Escort pictures I've see in a while, most people will have seen it before but I just had to include it as it shows off the lines and curves of the things we love - Mk1's I mean! 

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REV 119 K

AVO Day 2000

REV Part 2

AVO Day 2001

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