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Please note that the items shown on this page are from my personal collection and are not for sale. I am always on the lookout for any period race or rally items to add to my collection, if you have anything similar for sale or swap feel free to contact me at 


However if you are in the market for these type of items then contact Retro-UK via the link below.      


Lets start off with some bits for Navigators, well us drivers have steering wheels and switches to play with and Rev Counters etc to look at so we need to give the Navigator something to keep him happy.

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halda_twm.jpg (38664 bytes) I'm sure every Rallyman will recognize the Halda Twinmaster, used for accurate measurement of distance. This version is the earlier metal cased variety. The top readout is used for "total" distance and the lower one for "interval", i.e. between junctions etc. The knobs to the right of each readout are used to zero each one separately.
twn_1.jpg (55265 bytes)   The left hand one of the two lower knobs is used to start/stop and select forward or reverse and the right hand knob is used to select either the lower readout, both readouts or top readout only.
 twn_2.jpg (36568 bytes)  The side cover can be removed to get at the calibration gears, these can be changed to allow for different wheel sizes and different diff ratios etc.
 trip.jpg (43561 bytes) For those clubmen whose budget wouldn't stretch to the price of a Twinmaster, there was the Tripmaster which only had one readout. This is a later plastic cased version. 
 heuer.jpg (52772 bytes) The works navigator and those clubmen with large budgets would have also had a matched pair of Heuer clocks. The one on the left is a clock and called a "Mastertime", and the other is a stopwatch, called a "Montecarlo". 
 smith_wtch.jpg (49989 bytes)  Other guys with lesser budgets would have made do with something like a Smiths handheld stopwatch, notice the small clip beside it, this can be used to mount the stopwatch on the dash and yet leave it easily unclipped.
speedp.jpg (45945 bytes) Here's one I put in for the old timers, a Halda Speedpilot, used for measuring time, distance and most important average speed. You might see one of these in a very early Twin Cam Escort but they were more frequently seen in earlier cars like the Mk1 Cortina etc. These are really used in the early trials type motor rallies that depended a lot on average speed over a set distance.
helphos.jpg (44233 bytes) And another one of those really old items more often seen in a Cortina, or just maybe a very early Twin Cam Escort. Its a Helphos Lamp, still in its box, you stick it to the inside of the windscreen by the rubber suction pad and you could then swing the beam about as it shone out through the windscreen.
aux_p1.jpg (26614 bytes) Here is what the "Ford Rallye Sport Book of Performance Parts and Accessories" call the Auxiliary Instrument Panel. As well as being fitted to Works Escorts this was available through your local RS Dealer. Along the top would have been various switches and an ammeter, the slot in the middle was a map or document pocket and two small fuse boxes would have been fitted at the bottom.
aux_p2.jpg (36305 bytes) The side view shows up the map pocket much better. This particular one along with the panels below is a reproduced item.
aux_p4.jpg (32879 bytes) This plate was fitted along the top and details what each switch is for. The large hole contained an ammeter. Notice the third hole from the right, labeled Spotlights. This was fitted with a three way switch, the middle position was OFF. The up position was AUTODIP, the spotlights went out when you dipped your main beam. The down position was MANUAL O/R, here the spotlights were full on, no matter what, very useful if your headlights or even dipswitch had failed.
trico.jpg (55329 bytes) Most of the switches fitted to the panel above were standard Lucas switches but there were a couple of interesting ones. Firstly this Trico illuminated switch was used for the reversing light.
wipe_switch.jpg (32732 bytes) These two switches look quite different, the top one is a standard Ford Consul wipe/wash switch. The bottom one is the Works Escort type wiper switch and is made from parts of the top one. First they removed the manual water pump part, on the right of the picture. Then they removed the deep recessed bezel one the left of the picture and replaced it with a flat one from a Mk2 Cortina. The push type plunger which worked the water pump was locked in the "in" position.
wipe_switch_2.jpg (26063 bytes) Finally the Consul knob with it's bright, shiney reflective centre was replaced with a much darker one from a Ford Anglia. So as you can see it took parts from three cars to make one switch.
aux_p5.jpg (31942 bytes) This little panel was fitted at the bottom and detailed what each of the four fuses in the two fuse boxes were for as well as showing the off position for the Battery Isolation Switch fitted on the transmission tunnel.
dash.jpg (36014 bytes)   Many people think that Ford made a special Twin Cowl dash top for the Works Escorts. They didn't, what they did was take a Righthand Drive Mexico type dash top and one from a Lefthand Drive car. They then cut them both in half and put the two halves in the car and quite often they only stuck a bit of tank tape over the join. Its almost a pity to cut these two up.

dash_1.jpg (48105 bytes)

Other firms however, like Mada and Autoplas made one piece cowls for the Escort. They were usually made in plastic and covered the whole dash from the bottom of the windscreen down to the bottom of the metal dash panel.

Now we can start and detail some of the Drivers play things.

rev.jpg (27887 bytes) First a Driver needs to keep an eye on what his engine is doing, and one of the best things is the Smiths Chronometric Revcounter. With a fullhouse works BDA we need one that reads to at least 10,000 rpm and has a red telltale needle, there is a reset button on the back, this one came from my race car.
speedo.jpg (24875 bytes) Also fitted was a matching Smiths Chronometric Speedo, in this case reading kilometres. This one came out of a rally car and has the chrome bezel painted matt black to cut down on glare at night.
spring_1.jpg (37367 bytes) How about something for the Driver to hang onto, and there's nothing better that a deep dished Springalex. This is a slightly worn original one.
spring_2.jpg (29722 bytes) Someone has removed the original Springalex badge and replaced it with a nice little AVO Club badge.
spring_3.jpg (35489 bytes) Here is one of the re-manufactured items. It has a thicker and softer rim as well as being a little bit smaller. It also has only three holes in each spoke.
spring_4.jpg (26517 bytes) This particular one was supplied by Historic Motorsports Ltd.
p_lts.jpg (24627 bytes) These are pea-lights and they were used originally in aircraft. A red glow shines out and downward from the little slit. Works cars had eight of these to light up various dials, clocks and other instruments.
gt_rev_2.jpg (29040 bytes) OK so this is not a "works" part but just something nice that i came across on Kevin Curtis' stall one AVO Day and just had to buy.
gt_rev_1.jpg (42219 bytes) It's a rev counter from a late "Sport", they just had a normal Escort two clock dash but had this small rev counter fitted to the right-hand side of the main clocks.

Now some other bits and pieces that were used on works rally Escorts.

1.jpg (40897 bytes) If you look closely at the front grille of any works Escort you'll notice that they all use the early style grille with this push button to open the bonnet. This allowed the mechanics etc to open it quickly without scrabbling about inside the car for the usual bonnet pull.

Look in again, there's more to come.

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