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AVO Day 2007

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I have just started to build this page, be sure and call back sometime after June 2007 when I hope to add some photos and info.

Another year has come and it's time for another AVO Club National Day at Stanford Hall. The following are some of the photographs which I took at AVO Day on Sunday 17th June 2007.

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ftw_07_617.jpg (116927 bytes)
ftw_07_622.jpg (71106 bytes)
ftw_07_623.jpg (72837 bytes)
ftw_07_624.jpg (109542 bytes)
ftw_07_625.jpg (99837 bytes)
ftw_07_627.jpg (87014 bytes)
ftw_07_628.jpg (80905 bytes)
ftw_07_629.jpg (38697 bytes)
ftw_07_631.jpg (86814 bytes)
ftw_07_632.jpg (124963 bytes)
jij9975_07_610.jpg (96778 bytes)
ooo96m_07_616.jpg (102359 bytes)
works_car_07_613.jpg (99322 bytes)
stefan_07_611.jpg (119441 bytes)
stefan_07_612.jpg (109669 bytes)
superspeed_07_614.jpg (86584 bytes)
superspeed_07_615.jpg (66944 bytes)

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