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AVO Day 2002

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Another year has come and it's time for another AVO Club National Day at Stanford Hall. The following are some of the photographs which I took AVO Day on Sunday 16th June 2002.

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1.jpg (23548 bytes) This year there was another new chef to look after the bar-b-que on the Saturday night. Next year the party may be even bigger as I'm told there is the possibility of overnight camping for anyone who wants it.
2.jpg (22957 bytes) I had heard of "The Naked Chef" but this was the first time I had seen him in the "Bare Flesh" so to speak. It wasn't a pretty sight, I can tell you.
3.jpg (58107 bytes) Next day things started bright and early. Steve directs the early arrivals to their allotted parking places. 
4.jpg (55918 bytes) Meanwhile in the Regalia Tent, Paul and Russ were ready to deal with their first customers of the day. 
5.jpg (39001 bytes) And Jon and his helpers were doing the same in the Spares Tent.
  6.jpg (68266 bytes) One of the first cars in place, well it was there from the night before, was this V8 powered Escort belonging to Big Dave.
7.jpg (55184 bytes) And this was his other car, an RS1600, unfortunately it was a non-runner due to a problem with the engine. Here "Pitcrew" gets the car all cleaned up ready for the concourse judging.
8.jpg (64651 bytes) A regular at AVO Day is Andy Percival's Ford Sport Mexico, seen here in the "Competition Car" section.
9.jpg (63052 bytes) Other cars in this section also included Craig Schofield's car which was slightly the worse for wear after a recent "off". There is an old rally saying which states, "If you aren't going off now and again, then you're not really trying".
19.jpg (59109 bytes) Also in the competition car section was Roger Clark's Esso Blue and the Minilite RS1600, otherwise known as Jimmy McRae's toy.
20.jpg (41709 bytes) The Minilite car had lots of little marks of orange paint on the nuts and bolts, I presume this was so you could quickly tell if something was coming loose, because then the marks would be out of line.
10.jpg (60303 bytes) Another car which  was used for competition was this RS1600 Hillclimb car belonging to Gary Carnaby.
11.jpg (62581 bytes) Another car that I liked was this modified RS1600, the owner had gone to a lot of trouble to make a cold air box for the carbs.
12.jpg (48945 bytes) There was quite a turn out of RS1600's this year, including the various competition cars etc I think there was about 10 or 12. This car was one of the best.
13.jpg (64057 bytes) A photo of the immaculate engine bay. Just about every nut and bolt on the car was re-plated. I'm told it took over 8 years to rebuild this car.
14.jpg (61039 bytes) A mirror behind the car allowed us to view the rear axle etc without having to crawl around on the ground.
15.jpg (72237 bytes) Just some of the many Mexicos that were in attendance. I think that numbers of these seemed slightly down compared to previous years.
16.jpg (56991 bytes) In contrast the number of RS2000s attending seems to grow each year, as does the quality of cars.
23.jpg (48285 bytes) An engine bay photo of one of the above RS2000s.
17.jpg (67008 bytes) Once again two of the Superspeed modified cars turned up, these cars are now quite regular attendees at National Day.
21.jpg (58295 bytes) What can one say about a GT40. When I showed these photos to my wife and daughters at home, they thought that this was the most fantastic car on show that day.
22.jpg (61952 bytes) My eldest, Rebecca who is 8 years old, wanted to know if I would buy her one for when she learns to drive, I said we'd have to win the lottery first, even then I'd want to buy myself a "genuine" ex-works Escort first.
18.jpg (40413 bytes) In the field next door one of the re-enactment  societies were having a fun day out. The best laugh was when  they would "fire" their cannon, the boom would set off car alarms all over the place  :-)

I hope those of you who were unable to attend AVO Day will enjoy these photos, I still have more photos and info to add in the near future. Check out the "Updates" page on a regular basis.

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