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AVO Day 2001

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Another year and another AVO Club National Day at Stanford Hall. The following are some of the photographs which I took at AVO Day on Sunday 17th June 2001.

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1.jpg (58095 bytes) Once again there was a small but dedicated band of helpers who turned up on the Saturday afternoon to set up the Club Shop and Spares Tent etc. They included from the left, Mike McKay (HAVOC Editor), Dave Sweetland, Steve Furness, Paul Cooper, Jon Seth (Spares Guru - back to the camera), Pete Williams (Club Chairman).
2.jpg (38516 bytes) This year was to be a bit special as the club had arranged for Stuart Turner and Graham Robson to attend. Stuart gave a very interesting talk and took part in a question and answer session.
3.jpg (48096 bytes) Both Stuart and Graham then sold and signed copies of their latest books (or anything else you wanted signed) as well as chatting with one and all.
10.jpg (64968 bytes) This year was special in other ways as well, it the first time in my memory that there were 7 Twin Cams in attendance. The 6 in this line here and XOO 262 F. 
9.jpg (56881 bytes) Did you notice that rather rough Twink nearest the camera in the photo above. The Club Twin Cam Registrar, Ian Sutcliffe turned up with this example that he had for sale at an asking price of £1800. I believe that it was a complete car less engine.
5.jpg (79403 bytes) Here is that 7th Twink the ex-Roger Clark, Circuit of Ireland car XOO 262 F now owned by Ann Shipley.  Unfortunately I don't have any details on the other rally car in this picture.
6.jpg (64150 bytes) Other rally cars that turned up included REV 119 K (I have a couple of pages dedicated to this car, Click Here) and the Schofields RS1600 - MLP 770 L, this car won best modified.
7.jpg (69446 bytes) It featured some interesting modern versions of old ideas. These included the nudge bar at the front, on which the spotlights were mounted and a modern air vent on the roof.
19.jpg (39276 bytes) At the rear there was another hefty bumper, this one had a couple of footplates fitted which along with the grab handles on the boot lid is a modern version of what was fitted to Safari Escorts. The Navigator could jump on the back of the car and bounce up and down to improve traction in mud holes etc. I'm not quite sure what the two lights at the rear of the roof are for.
17.jpg (38498 bytes) Here are the owners of 3 very famous Escorts, Dave Watkins - REV 119 K, Ann Shipley XOO 262 F and Ken Shipley XOO 349 F, the Alan Mann car.
15.jpg (64336 bytes) Last year there was only one RS3100 but that figure was doubled this time round.
16.jpg (67420 bytes) And this time the engine bay photo turned out a lot better.
14.jpg (59144 bytes) As always there was a large turnout of RS2000's.
13.jpg (48595 bytes) One that caught my eye was this nice example for sale at £6500, I wonder did he have an serious enquires.
11.jpg (58441 bytes) Another one I liked was this left-hand drive example owned by Mike McKay the editor of the HAVOC Magazine.
12.jpg (72861 bytes) It might not have been an immaculate example but the colour of the car and the decals really looked well together.
8.jpg (50767 bytes) More helpers, this time setting out all the trophies for the concourse etc.
18.jpg (29751 bytes) And even more pictures of people, where are all the Escort photos I hear you ask, there are more to come I promise. In the meantime this is Stefan, check out his German Escort site at, you may not understand it all but there are lots of great Escort photos.
4.jpg (47914 bytes) Not a Mk1 escort but an RS200 still a great looking car, I always thought Ford should have made and sold a version of these as a mid engined sports car with a Pinto engine, fibreglass body, drop dead looks and great craic to drive but alas they didn't, more's the pity.
RS16s.jpg (76507 bytes) This was the line-up of RS1600's which turned up on the day.
Jons_16.jpg (51310 bytes) One of the best was this one owned by Neil Robinson and brought along on the day by Jon Seth.
Jons_eng.jpg (65671 bytes) A close up of the famous BDA engine, this car won best RS1600.
Jon.jpg (43432 bytes) Here Jon collects the above mention trophy for that RS1600 from Stuart Turner while Graham Robson looks on, absolutely enthralled by the proceedings.
ann_s.jpg (58087 bytes) Another trophy winner was Ann Shipley for her Ex-Roger Clark Twin Cam. Stuart appears to be offering her the choice of which ever trophy she wants :)
anns_tc.jpg (53174 bytes) An engine bay photo of that Roger Clark Twin Cam XOO 362 F.
Brown_mex.jpg (63597 bytes) Another car which caught my eye was this Mexico, it looked fairly standard until I checked out the engine bay :-
Brn_mex_eng.jpg (67224 bytes) and lurking there was a full house, alloy blocked BDG. The car was also fitted with Gp4 suspension, brakes and Atlas axle to get all that power to the road.
Red_mex.jpg (60750 bytes) And this one really is a standard Mexico. Once again this was another car I really liked but which didn't win any prizes.
Yellow_mex.jpg (45116 bytes) Another favorite Mexico of mine, as you can see from this and the previous car I think a good set of Cibie spotlights really set off a Mk1.
Yellow_mex_boot.jpg (57960 bytes) This car should have the spare wheel bolted to the boot floor and the battery in the spare wheel well. According to the owner it was ordered from AVO with the wheel in the wheel well and the battery tray just behind the bulkhead - unusual.
 Yellow_mex_wheel.jpg (45996 bytes)  Also fitted to this car was a rather tasty set of Minilights, you don't often see this type with the two little ribs in the centre between each spoke.

Here is a full list of the 2001 National Day Award Winners.

General Awards

Longest Journey With Car  V Deurse (Holland)  05 BA 88
Furthest Travelled to Attend   Stefan Wacket (Germany)
Tony Llyn-Jones Memorial Award - President’s Choice of Car Lee Morris KMH 797 K
Clubman’s Award  Neil Fletcher
Most Original Car  Lee Morris KMH 797 K
Old Fords Never Die Award  Ian Sutcliffe FMG 543 J

Car of the Day

CAR OF THE DAY  P. Mathews  GHD 2 N

Twin Cams

1st Twin Cam  Andy Wildblood  FYA 67  K
2nd Twin Cam  Pete Cotton  BNN 727 H


1st RS1600  Jon Seth on behalf of Neil Robinson FJD 582 J
2nd RS1600 A Solway MUB 42  L


1st RS3100     Nigel Horley  TBL 636 M


1st RS2000   P Mathews    GHD 2 N
2nd RS2000  C. Payne JAD 144 N
3rd RS2000  I. Harris  GTM 541 N
4th RS2000 S. James    HCW 270 N


1st  Mexico Nigel Green  GJU 72 L
2nd Mexico Paul Cooper  HAC 522 K
3rd Mexico S. Crickmore KKN 587 P
4th Mexico Lee Morris KMH 797 K

  Competition Cars

Winner Roger Clark Memorial Award - Car with Period Competition History Ann Shipley XOO 262 F
Second Roger Clark Memorial Award - Car with Period Competition History Andy Percival  XNO 272 L
Best Modified Car (Latterly Modified Car) C. Schofield   MLP 770 L

That's the lot for this year, I hope those of you who were unable to attend AVO Day enjoyed the photos and info. I'll be back at AVO Day next year and there will be even more photos.

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