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AVO Day 2000

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The following are a selection of the photographs which I took at the AVO Clubs National Day at Stanford Hall. 


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sh1.jpg (64421 bytes) For some people National Day starts weeks beforehand and even on the Saturday there's loads of hard work to do, like setting up the Club Shop and Spares Tent. Yes I did help too.
st1.jpg (88178 bytes) The autojumblers who arrive early on the Sunday morning set up their stalls under the trees, I'm not sure if this is for shelter from the sun or the rain.
st2.jpg (62994 bytes) The later arrivals just set up in the open. Some of the cars are starting to arrive and in the background you can see Stanford Hall and it's museum etc.
mex1.jpg (78819 bytes) There is always a good turnout of both Mexicos,
rs1.jpg (69219 bytes) and RS2000s. Even so I think that the number of cars attending has dwindled over the last few years.
rs2.jpg (69056 bytes) And even more RS2000s.
bda3.jpg (73618 bytes) The line-up of RS1600s included a highly modified Big Wing and four less modified examples.
bda1.jpg (77346 bytes) These were two of the tidiest RS1600s, well in my opinion if that counts for anything.
tc1.jpg (66001 bytes) There were only three Twin Cams that I saw but they were certainly all very tidy examples.
tc2.jpg (56642 bytes) The immaculate engine bay of one of the above Twin Cams.
rs31.jpg (66162 bytes) There was also one lone RS3100.
rs32.jpg (47125 bytes) Unfortunately the engine bay didn't show up at all well in this shot, I'll blame the camera rather than the photographer.

The celebrity cars. 

rev2.jpg (71821 bytes) I always like to see the old competition cars and both REV 119 K and LVX 942 J turned up. Also in the picture is a Super Speed V6 powered Escort.
ss4.jpg (65288 bytes) Others included a Shell Sport racing Mexico (the yellow & green car), another Super Speed (white car), I'm not sure what engine was in this one, it may have been a Twin Cam. Also in the photo is a modified Big Wing RS2000.
rev1.jpg (69444 bytes) REV came along just as it had finished it's last stage event, all covered in sh*t, sorry I mean mud.
rev4.jpg (79893 bytes) REV and LVX pose together. If you've had a look around my site you'll know that I have a page dedicated to REV 119 K. I'll be adding more photos soon as well as a page dedicated to LVX 942 J. Check out the Updates page on a regular basis.
ss3.jpg (63347 bytes) I have a great interest in the Escorts built by Super Speed Conversions because I also own one. Mine is a race car rather than a road conversion and I hope to do a feature page on it soon.
ss2.jpg (49046 bytes) In the meantime enjoy this V6 powered car. This car was based on a Mexico but featured full width bumpers with over riders and unique side stripes. I think the wheels may be Dunlop Alloys.
ss1.jpg (51059 bytes) Notice Super Speed even did their own badges for these cars. If I see this car again I'll try and get an Engine Bay shot or two.
ss5.jpg (13679 bytes) I presume this neat little lock at the bottom of the door was a dead lock or alarm system. For those who may not have heard of Super Speed, they were a tuning and conversion firm who specialised in all types of conversion for 60's Fords. They did road and race conversions on Anglia's and Cortina's before moving on to Escort's.

Some of the Prizewinners.

bda2.jpg (58588 bytes) The winning Maize Yellow RS1600.
mex2.jpg (72793 bytes) There were four winners in the Mexico section. This section along with RS2000's below were the best supported on the day.
rs3.jpg (73975 bytes) And four more winners in the RS2000 section.
tc3.jpg (63369 bytes) The two prize winning Twinks alongside an RS2000, I know I cut the front corner off one of the Twin Cams.
rs33.jpg (65259 bytes) Here we have the winning RS3100. Even though it was the only one at the show it was still a deserving winner.
rev3.jpg (50616 bytes) Dave Watkins collects the trophy for best Competition Car - REV 119 K, it was great to see it looking like a really well used rally car.
pc7.jpg (39330 bytes) Paul (I'm not interested in concours) Cooper collects the Clubman of the Year award, he also got a prize for his Mexico, see below.

Some of my personal favorites. 

pc3.jpg (65289 bytes) Paul Cooper's Broadspeed supplied Mexico.
pc2.jpg (53789 bytes) The Broadspeed sticker is just visible at the bottom of the rear window.
pc1.jpg (46571 bytes) Did I mention that Paul told us he wasn't really interested in the concours competition. Well he could have fooled me.
pc8.jpg (53815 bytes) Let's just take a closer look at that engine bay, clean or what.
pc4.jpg (63119 bytes) After everyone had left for home and we had tidied up and loaded the unsold spares etc into the van, I got Paul to pose in front of Stanford Hall.
pc5.jpg (59714 bytes) After which he headed off into the sunset to....
pc6.jpg (62890 bytes) Round up the sheep. I always thought that was William Arnold's job (AVO Club joke).
pw1.jpg (56805 bytes) Another Mexico I really like is this one belonging to Pete Williams the club Chairman.
pw2.jpg (79255 bytes) It's a one owner from new car which has attended every AVO National Day at Stanford Hall, to the best of my knowledge that's 20 years.
pw4.jpg (65129 bytes) It's a Special Build Mexico which Pete originally ordered with a whole pile of Rally Goodies fitted.
pw3.jpg (27313 bytes) That little plate screwed on behind the spotlight relays details all the codes for the dozen or so Special Build options that this car features.
a1.jpg (61895 bytes) This tidy Anglia was another car which really caught my attention, a neighbour of mine owned a highly tuned Anglia nearly 30 years ago and I've always had a soft spot for them.
a2.jpg (61800 bytes) Especially when they have an engine like this shoe horned into them. This was a really neat job considering how tight a squeeze it is in that engine bay.

I hope those of you who were unable to attend AVO Day will enjoy these photos, I also took another 2 dozen photos of REV and LVX and I shall include these on pages dedicated to each of these cars in the near future. Check out the "Updates" page on a regular basis.

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